Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Things that Made My Day :D

           Yesterday, I had a great laugh about so many things. Things that are so random that I don't even know what made me think those. First thing that made me laugh and made my day is the fact that I tweeted this not-local artist, not international too though. I still can't believe myself for doing such thing! That was just so embarrassing. Second is the fact that I had a very funny and honest conversation with my guy best friend.  It was so sick and hilarious that it made me cry. We talked about my embarrassing moments and out of nowhere, I blurted that I get pissed because of Magnum. The conversation went on about that Magnum and I almost died because of that. Lastly, I was able to play an easy version of A Thousand Years in my keyboard. Okay! FYI: I'm still learning how to play the keyboard and playing that song is an accomplishment already. LOL! So yeah! Had fun yesterday. I hope that I will too this day. Bye!

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