Sunday, November 6, 2011

Paint my top Orange

I just love going to secondhand shop because I am very fascinated with the things I see there. 
I love how the styles and textures of the clothes found there varies from clothes
bought inside a Department store. My friend Charlene shares the same interest.
Going to these shops is our bonding moment. We also like having pictorials
featuring our fabulous finds and here are some:

So this is me wearing some of our finds. I love how orange my orange top is. I put a vest above 
so that I'm not showing too much skin since we commuted on the way. The green boots is my favorite. This pair is not only cheap, its very cheap. If you convert it into Dollars, it would be less than one dollar. Seriously.

Here is my friend and she's wearing some of our finds too. And I love the view here, it was taken at Manila Bay.

Another pictures of us.

I hope you like it. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rain on me

Sembreak is almost over but I haven't had the best of it yet. So I'm here, stuck in my room staring
at my pictures taken by a good friend of mine. I want to share it to you guys so here it is:

This picture was taken at this old park in Intramuros, an old place with old buildings that already 
existed like over a hundred years ago. My friends and I decided to have a floral themed pictorial there but suddenly, it rained. The clothes I'm wearing here are vintage. That skirt has a white flower prints while the top has brown ones. I just love this photo and I hope you like it too. 

Hey There!

    Hi everyone. This is my new blog so let me tell you more about it. This blog is entitled "Hey there Ms Day Dreamer" because I'll be talking about the highs and lows of my life, fashion and things that inspire me. So you see, I'm so much inlove with Fashion but don't want to spend much on it. I also spend more time shopping at secondhand shops than with those boutique stalls found in malls. I love buying vintage items not only because its cheaper, I buy these things because its unique. Oh common, who wants to go out and seeing someone in the same clothes you are wearing? none right. So that's it. I hope you enjoy my blog. Have fun reading!