Saturday, March 17, 2012


  Hey everyone! Its been long since I last blogged about my life. Last month was a bit harsh to me. I had tons of things to do so that was mainly the reason why I haven't posted anything. Out with that already!. So this post is about a film that Me and my friends did lately. It was a actually a project of my friend, Matthew Hermosura, for his Art Appreciation subject. It was a long story why he needed to do that all by himself and to cut it short, he asked us if we could help him. Guess what? Yes we did. I wrote this short film but he was the one who did all the script and camera things. So yeah! I'll be posting some scenes below followed by the link.
   The short film is about five little girls who had build their relationship until  they grew old. So, there is a turning point there which is a surprise so make sure you watch it. :)

That girl, that's me :)


               Those girls are frequent in my posts. I can't help it, Iso LOVE them. Till my next post. Bye! :)

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