Saturday, December 3, 2011

8th Foundation Day

So hey there guys! Its been weeks since my last post. So last Friday, I attended my former school's 
Foundation day. My school is not that old okay. Anyway, I had a blast that night considering the fact that I'm with my High School friends and yes! *gasp I played photographer. LOL. We had a beauty pageant
 that night and a singing contest too. So here are the pictures but oh, I have no clear copy of my look that night but still going to attach it anyway. Enjoy!

Here is a picture of me, my cousin who joined the pageant and her cousin backstage. 
She is wearing her festival costume. I am wearing a secondhand multi-colored polka dotted top. My DIY
shorts, pink thrifted patent ballet flats, silver belt and my dark pink patent Nina Ricci bag .

Find me! Just kidding, its clearly visible. Oh common, I look short being in between the candidates. 
So here they are, wearing their festival costumes for their grand entrance.

One of the male candidates. My friend kept saying "Ang pogi". ('He's handsome")

Contestants wearing their red dresses. 

My cousin wearing her finale gown. 

During the question and answer portion. Oh! have I mentioned that I used to host this event?
Yes, last year I was one of the host. I wore a yellow dress that night and the guy host here was also included. I and my friend was fourth year then and he's a junior. Here are photos from last year:

Yes, I'm the one wearing the yellow dress. I'm still chubby that time and I miss my long hair.

So that's all. Bye! Till my next post.
P.S- All  photos except last year's are mine and it was taken using a
digicam so forgive me for the low quality

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